Sunday, August 17, 2008

most community outside do not know SBE is stand for what right??SBE is for School-Based Experience...but i think most of us know what is ROS..I'm right??actually, SBE and ROS is similar...maybe coz for future teacher cm aku ni kot jd different skit..actually i'm first batch utk program PISMP..keluaran ijazah pendidikan (selama ni diploma je, cm KPLI tu,dorg dpt sijil diploma dlm bidang perguruan ni je), next year is the last year for us to 'study' at'm luckily coz my degree certification is under Queensland University of Technology,, baru habis SBE kat Sek Keb Bukit Gasing,Terengganu...i spend 2 weeks to stay at this school...i found many things from this school..thanks for all especially to Cikgu Roslaini....slalu ajak aku join kls die...biarpun plajar kls tu nkl2 skit....for once, i tried to teach difficult to control them...what must i do if i teach kids like these in the future???i think, i must get help before i getting burn out in the future......however, i miss them....

***xde nk perlekeh mane2 pihak ye?so,jgnla terasa ati ngan jantung tu...just to share..

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Anonymous said...

be a good teacher ek nati??

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